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Teaching Resources

The most common question I am asked by 

teachers is, 

“How can I help my students comprehend text?” This question is usually followed by, “They can read, they just don’t comprehend what they read.” Comprehension is the ultimate goal, isn’t it? If our students are missing the mark, we need to adjust our instruction to get the results we want to see.

My instructional guides focus first on ways to teach and strengthen the Big Five Comprehension Skills—Predicting, Questioning, Clarifying, Retelling, and Summarizing. Next, you will find several effective ways to continue teaching across the curriculum with the text. In addition, these instructional strategies can be applied to any text throughout the school day.

 All readers needs tools for their toolbox--strategies that support the reading process and increase comprehension.

Note: The teacher’s guide for Jordan Tang is designed for students in third through fifth-grade. However, the instructional ideas can be easily modified to match the levels of other students.

Good readers are metacognitive—they think about their thinking as they read.

Instruction and Activities--A Boy Called Preacher

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