When the Water Runs: Growing Up With Alaska

When the Water Runs: Growing Up With Alaska (Pen It! Publications, 2019)

How many children grow up hearing their mother's stories about growing up in an Eskimo village north of the Arctic Circle? My mother, Audrey Purkeypile, was born in northern Alaska in 1927 during a remarkable era of Alaskan history. Surrounded by the wondrous beauty of untamed land, my grandparents raised their family alongside the affable Eskimos, daring bush pilots, and rugged trappers and gold miners. They contributed to the development of the Territory of Alaska in their diverse roles as teacher, postmaster, health officer, and reindeer superintendent. In this memoir, I attempted to capture the delightful stories of my mother's childhood. My mother's memories and life lessons learned will provide readers with an inside look at a young girl's experiences as she grows up with Alaska, America's last frontier. 


Jordan Tang: Think...Create...Discover

 Jordan Tang: Think...Create...Discover 

(Oklahoma Heritage Association Publishing, 2015)

Have you ever wanted to be a scientist? Dr. Jordan Tang is a world class medical research scientist whose work in the laboratory is the first step to finding cures for disease. He has been at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation in Oklahoma City for over 50 years. Dr. Tang's biggest thrill as a scientist is to see his work on its way to treating and helping people. Although Dr. Tang has committed his career to research, he is also a talented artist and musician. In addition, he makes time to speak to students all over the world. Dr. Tang hopes to inspire a new generation of young scientists to think, create, and discover