Introducing Stan Schuermann, Illustrator


This is Eldon Dunn, the grouchy, grumpy tractor mechanic. Being the "man of the farm," Preacher has to seek Mr. Dunn's help with tractor repairs. 


This is Preacher and his best friend, Earl Floyd. In 1943, everyone did something for the War Effort. Preacher and Earl Floyd turn jackrabbits in to the General Store to do their part.


Some days are just hard, but having his best dog, Deke, by his side on the cellar door, makes them a little better.


Deke, the best dog in all of Kansas. Maybe the world.


When you really want to see what's inside the old Donovan farmhouse. 


Plowing late with the night sounds of coyotes, scurrying critters, and something worse--a spooky abandoned house just ahead.