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“Raising Kids for Tomorrow’s World is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in passing biblical faith to the next generation! It’s profound, yet practical — perfect for a small group setting.”

Laura Burton, Chief of Staff, Cru Church Movements

 “Stan and Cheryl Schuermann have woven a warm and inviting tapestry of Biblical principles, observations and counsel from a variety of specialists, and reflections from their own experiences in raising a family. The result is an insightful trail guide to assist both those just beginning the journey of parenthood, as well as veterans in need of direction or encouragement.”

 Dr. Kevin Bradford, Founder, Perspectives Brazil; Adjunct Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary; Global Outreach Director, Wildwood Community Church, Norman, Oklahoma

In Raising Kids for Tomorrow’s World, the authors bring to the reader a unique section of scripture in I Thessalonians Chapter 2 where the Apostle Paul shares how he loved, encouraged, and taught his spiritual children. Twelve keys to preserving the Christian faith emerge from these life-directing verses.

From “Discover Boldness” to “Be the One Your Children Want to Imitate,” parents will be strengthened to persevere with confidence. They will discover the essentials for building a culture of faith in the home, navigating their role as parent, and preparing their children to walk with Christ in an increasingly conflicted world.


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“This is a compelling, interesting, well-written story of one family’s journey to make life better for the indigenous peoples of Alaska.”
     – Bob Burke
     Attorney, author, historian


When the Water Runs: Growing Up With Alaska


Audrey Purkeypile was born in northern Alaska in 1927 during a remarkable era of Alaskan history. Surrounded by the wondrous beauty of untamed land, Audrey’s parents raised their family alongside the affable Eskimos, daring bush pilots, and rugged trappers and gold miners. They contributed to the development of the territory of Alaska in their diverse roles as teacher, postmaster, health officer, and reindeer superintendent.

In this poignant memoir, author Cheryl Schuermann captures the delightful stories of her mother’s childhood. Audrey’s memories and life lessons learned will provide readers with an inside look at a young girl’s experiences as she grows up with Alaska, America’s last frontier. 


Triumph from Tragedy

Christian Writers for Life


When Christian Writers for Life announced a short story contest, I knew just what my entry would be about. I felt very honored when my story was selected for this beautifully crafted anthology.

As I walked through my mother’s Alzheimer’s disease with her, God showered his grace on both of us over and over again. My story, titled “I Hear Him” is about some of our experiences in the last few weeks and months of her life. 

Jordan Tang: Think…Create…


Dr. Jordan Tang was a world class medical research scientist whose work in the laboratory was the first step to finding cures for disease. Dr. Tang was at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation for over fifty years. How does a scientist think? According to Dr. Tang, it all starts with curiosity!  


A Boy Called Preacher

“A Boy Called Preacher by Cheryl Schuermann is an adventure/coming of age story of a young boy who learned that responsibility is much easier to bear when you are surrounded by love and support. Johnny Wilcox (a.k.a. Preacher) is trying his best to stay on top of things. He may be only 12 years old, but since his father left in February, he realized he has to be the man in his family. He has land to look after and equipment to fix. He has a lot of problems and they all seem to catch up to him at the same time. He needs to go to the mean mechanic Eldon Dunn to have his tractor fixed, he suspects that his friend Earl is not his friend anymore and, to make matters worse, Preacher doubts his abilities. He believes as long as he has his dog Deke by his side, he can do it all! But can he?”       –Reader’s Favorite, 5 Stars 

**This debut middle grade novel was published in May 2020.  At this time, Preacher is temporarily unavailable. Hopefully, he will be back out in the world soon.