About Preacher

Johnny “Preacher” Wilcox can’t get a break. When his father abruptly leaves the family, Preacher is left with unanswered questions, wheat land to plow, and a broken tractor. The tractor mechanic is meaner than a bobcat, the creek is drying up, and Preacher’s best friend, Earl Floyd, betrays him (or, so he thinks.) He has more going wrong than any twelve-year-old boy wants to think about. 

How will he get everything done? Will Preacher and Earl Floyd ever be friends again?

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A Boy Called Preacher Chapter 1 (pdf)


Editorial Review

A Boy Called Preacher is an adventure/coming of age story of a young boy who learned that responsibility is much easier to bear when you are surrounded by love and excellent story with a beautiful perspective; it is engaging and entertaining, especially for young readers who want a longer book to keep them company.  

(Reader's Favorite, 5 stars)


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